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Michael A Civin, PhD - Improving the Understanding of Self

September 24, 2019

Michael A Civin

In order to understand oneself, one would need help. There is not a single person that can look in the mirror and distinguish the truth from what is created in their own mind. It is so important though to find a professional to help to create an environment in which one can take an honest look at what is going on in order to improve their future both in actions and in relationships. The field of psychology is designed for people to use as a tool to help with anything from coping to developing a better voice of the inner self. Doctors can spend lifetimes developing theories in the mental health field and there will still be so much more to discover.

Michael A Civin, PhD has dedicated his life to helping people in need at his practice through helping them to improve their understandings of themselves. He is a clinical psychologist with over twenty eight years of experience and continues to practice today as well as develop a better understanding of this unique field for his patients and colleagues. The joy of sharing information among other psychological professionals is not lost on him and he makes an effort to often converse with like minded professionals in order to further probe the depths of the human mind. Michael A Civin, PhD specializes in clinical psychology and currently serves the New York Bronx area.